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Fix Teeth in 72 Hours

“Yes, you heard it right, its reality now!!!!!!”

Missing teeth pose an Aesthetic and functional problem for the patient. In conventional basic dental implants used, patient had to wait for at least 3 4 months for implant to get fit into the bone and then crown or cap is given over the implant. With the advent of Strategic/Immediate Loading Implants, you can get fix teeth with in 72 hrs In compared to conventional implants, advanced strategic implants time is reduced from months to hours and after inserting implant in bone, crown or cap is inserted in mouth over implants within next 2 days only. So main advantage of the advanced dental implants is that patient can function. can eat with the dental implant supported teeth from the 3rd day itself without any major surgery or complications. Consult our experts at Dr. Bhullar’s Dental Care and Facial Surgery Centre today to have your beautiful smile in 72 hours.


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