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Kids Dentistry

There is a world of difference between adults and kids. So is their dental care. Pediatric dentistry is a separate field dedicated to kids, their Oral Health prevention and preparation for the future. Come experience friendly, safe and warm dental care for your kids at Dr. Bhullar’s Dental Care and Facial Surgery Centre. Early detection and treatments can go a long way in keeping your child’s teeth healthy. We perform all the preventive, interceptive and corrective treatments for children with smile and care. These include routine check-up, treating decay, correcting irregular teeth, regular fluoride applications to prevent decay and nutrition counseling. So walk in for your child’s wellness.


1.   Root Canal Treatment In Milk Teeth:

If you think your child is too young to need root canal treatment, think again —           there is no age limit for this treatment. If his/her primary (baby) teeth have been injured, or if decay has advanced deep into the roots of your child’s teeth, a root canal treatment to stabilize teeth may be needed

2.   Oral Habits In Children:

Frequently children acquire certain habits that may either temporarily or permanently be harmful to teeth and tooth supporting structures. Some common oral habits seen in children include thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, lip biting, grinding of teeth and nail-biting. Certain reminding appliances called habit breaking appliances assist the child who is willing to quit the habit but is not able to do so as the habit has entered the subconscious level. They may be removable or fixed appliances.

3.  Prevention Treatments for Kids

a)   Fluoride Application:

A common problem for which parents usually take their children to the dentist is decay. This is because there is a lack of proper dexterity of brushing in children. To avoid the problem of decay, parents should get the Fluoride application treatment in children at regular intervals. Fluoride helps to fight plaque and bacteria which can cause enamel loss which further causes cavities. Fluoride also strengthens the tooth structure & helps in bone growth. Under this treatment, the dentist incorporates fluoride ions into the tooth structure making them less prone to acid dissolution. This treatment is equally useful for both milk & permanent teeth.

b)  Sealants:

The main reason for decay is the food and bacteria that is trapped in the pits & fissures of teeth. We chew food from the back teeth like molars and premolars which are never flat. The pits & fissures are the depressions on these back teeth. They function as potential traps for bacteria & food and make it susceptible to decay. Therefore, as a preventive measure, certain pits and fissure sealants are placed.


Here at Dr. Bhullar’s Dental Care and Facial Surgery Centre you will be offered many advanced services to deal with the very uncooperative and children with special health care needs,  very easily without any traumatic experience to the child. we have experienced team of anesthetists to provide Conscious Sedation or General Anesthesia to the child which makes the treatment smoother than you ever imagined.



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